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12/1 In preparation for the final exam, here is a list of key concepts that we have covered throughout the semester, as well as the equation sheet that will accompany the final exam.
10/31 Vitamin C Report Template  Use this Microsoft Word document as you prepare your lab report for the Vitamin C experiment.
8/28 Get Familiar With Spreadsheets assignment was distributed
8/9 How far could you get in solving this problem?  The problem below integrates several concepts.  By the mid point of the semester, you should be able to work this problem from start to finish.
It is possible to generate ammonia gas by heating ammonium chloride and calcium hydroxide.  Calcium chloride and water are also produced as products.  You conduct an experiment where 25.0 mL of 5.89 M ammonium chloride solution is slowly added to 33.0 grams of solid calcium hydroxide while the mixture is heated.  You collect the ammonia that is produced in a 500.0 mL vessel.  After the reaction is complete and the vessel reaches room temperature (25.0oC), what is the pressure of ammonia in the vessel?
8/9 As I evaluate lab reports, I use this rubic as a guide.  The actual point distribution varies somewhat depending on the experiment, but the discussion and conclusions section is always weighted most heavily.
8/9 Thanks to Dr. Humphry, we have a great worksheet for practicing naming compounds!  My sloppily handwritten solutions are here (note that I haven’t double-checked my work so notify my of any errors)
8/9 More practice goodness thanks to Dr. Humphry.  This time balancing reactions! Solutions are on the last page of the document, note that I haven’t double-checked my work so notify my of any errors!

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