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Useful Links!

Below are several links that may come in handy as you make your way through General Chemistry.  The majority of these links have been submitted by students.  If you come across a link that you think should be added or a dead link, please e-mail me and I’ll modify the list!

Tutorials and example problems:

Reference Materials, Organizations, and lists of Links

  • Check out the interesting infographics at Compound Interest!
  • General Chemistry Online!:Virtual classroom, resources and guides for students and teachers of introductory chemistry.  Lots of tutorials!
  • The American Chemical Society Online
  • Chemistry at thoughtco.com (formerly About.com)
  • Atomic Orbitals:  Brief online discussion of atomic orbitals, plus a free downloadable program that allows you to generate any atomic orbital of your choosing. Very Cool!
  • The Orbitron: a gallery of atomic orbitals and molecular orbitals.  This is an amazing compilation of graphic representation of atomic and molecular orbitals.  You may need to install the Chime plugin to see all of the images (it is well worth it!).  Best viewed in Internet Explorer. (I’ve not been able to access this recently, which is a shame.  Hopefully the site lives on!)
  • The Cambridge Structural Database is a repository of crystal structures for many small molecules.  Part of the CSD is available for educational purposes, complete with the ability to rotate three dimensional structures and measure distances and angles between atoms.  Good for trying to visualize things in three dimensions
  • View and manipulate three dimensional models of a variety of molecules a the World of Molecules.  Some good descriptions of properties and applications there too!
  • A neat Java applet that allows you to view atomic absorbance and emission spectra for elements across the periodic table.