CHEM 131









Date Item
2/1 Solutions to the Lewis Structure handout.
1/30 Are you trying to find the course video capture recordings”  Here’s how:
In the blackboard page for the course, click on “Tools” in the menu on the left.  In the page that pops up, click on “Panopto Focus Content” link.  A new window should appear with a list of “Completed Recordings”.  From there just click on the date you are looking for to bring up the viewer.
1/20 Looking for extra credit?  Here is an opportunity.
1/5 Have questions?  Need extra help?  You have several resources available:

1.  Come and see me!  I have office hours posted on my schedule or will make an appointment with you!
2.  Visit the Chemistry Contact Center.  It is staffed by chemistry faculty who are there to help.
3.  Visit AXE tutoring.  AXE offers free, walk in tutoring Sunday through Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00 in MG2003.

1/5 Lab Paperwork:  Beginning Monday, January 16, you may complete several items (Safety Contract, Policies Contract, Safety Quiz, and Health Form).  All of these items are available on a special Blackboard course entitled: “SP12:CHEM131 Chem Principles II Combined”.  At some point between January 16 and your first lab meeting, you MUST sign in to Blackboard, go to this course and follow the instructions to complete the paperwork.  Even if you completed the paperwork for CHEM 130, you must do it again for CHEM 131.
1/5 A lecture “outline” for our first topic, “Atomic Structure and Quantum Theory” is now available on the “Handouts” page.
1/5 A draft of the syllabus is now available by clicking on the “syllabus” link to the left.  The final version will be distributed in class.  The final syllabus will be distributed in class.