CHEM 100 Lab

Lab Schedule

The CHEM 100 online lab manual is available at

Date Exercise
8/21–8/25 NO LABS (free add/drop); Blackboard paperwork due by 5PM, Friday, Aug 25
8/28–9/1 Check-in; States of Matter
9/4-9/8 Labor Day on 9/4, NO LABS
9/11–9/15 Diffusion and Polymers
9/18–9/22 Atomic Spectra: Energy, Light, and the Electron
9/25–9/29 Spectrophotometric Determination of Hemoglobin
10/2–10/6 Solution: Study of Solubility
10/9–10/13 Paper Chromatography
10/16–10/20 Fall Break 10/19-10/20, NO LABS
10/23–10/27 Hydrates: An Investigation of Moisture-absorbing Compounds
10/30–11/3 Chemical Reactions
11/6–11/10 Determination of Citric Acid in Fruit Juices
11/13–11/17 Saponification: Soap-making, Old Fashion Style
11/20–11/24 Thanksgiving, NO LABS
11/27–12/1 Esters: Those Wonderfully Odoriferous Chemicals/Building Molecules
12/4-12/8 Check-out