Example Lab Grading Rubric

Below is and example of a typical rubric for grading a CHEM 322 lab report.  You will notice that the bulk of the points are allocated to the Discussion and Conclusions section.

5 Title, Statement of Purpose, Background and Procedure: Name (and lab partners), experiment title, date and a concise summary of the procedure in outline form. Included reference to original procedure.
5 Data: Raw numerical data, observations, file names, instrument parameters, chemical information, etc. in a section separate from the outline section.
5 Results and Data Treatment: Organized example calculations, graphs and a table of summary data when appropriate. Relevant statistical analysis and consideration of significant figures.
10 Discussion and Conclusions: Discussion of the significance of your results in terms of meaning, accuracy, precision and error analysis. Any questions presented in the experiment should be answered here, either in the text or as a separate section.
5 General: Pages signed and dated, report submitted on time, all items reasonably legible etc. Could the experiment be repeated with the info in the notebook?
30 Total Points