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Guidelines for Submitted Materials

DUE by noon Wednesday, September 16

E-mail to Dr. Lamp (blamp@truman.edu) your choice of topic.  Be careful no to be too broad, remember, you only have ~15 minutes for your presentation.  Remember, topics are first come, first served so if there is something you are dying to learn about or talk about, you may wish to get your choice in early.

No Later Than Two Weeks Before Your Talk; you must submit the following two items:

  1. A copy of the primary reference for your presentation.  A good strategy is to prepare your talk as though you are one of the authors of this paper presenting your results at a professional meeting (or in a similar venue).
  2. A one-page outline of your talk.  This does not need to be extensively detailed.  A good strategy is to lay out working titles for each of the slides you plan to prepare and note the message that each slide is intended to portray.

Ideally, both of these items should be submitted electronically via e-mail to Dr. Lamp.  If you locate your article online (such as in an ACS journal), you can simply e-mail Dr. Lamp the link to the article.  If submitting your article electronically is not possible, a hardcopy is perfectly fine.

No Later Than One Week Before Your Talk; you must submit an abstract:

For general information on preparing an abstract see the Abstract section of the Preparing Laboratory Reports page on ChemLab.truman.edu.

For the purposes of this course your presentation abstract should have the following format:

  • The entire abstract is to be prepared in Times New Roman, 12 point font with 1″ margins on all sides.
  • The title of the talk, in quotes, is to be centered at the top of the page in bold face.
  • Centered below the title is your name and the course name and number (not bold).
  • The body of the abstract is next.  For this class the abstract should be no more than 200 words. It must be 1.5 spaced and left-justified.
  • The bibliography is the last item.  The section heading “Bibliography” must be left-justified and bold.  The first bibliography entry is to be the article that was the primary source for the talk.  Other works consulted (minimum number: two) follow in chronological order.  The bibliography may be single spaced, but a blank line must be left between citations.  Click here to review how to cite other works in a scientific publication. You do not need to include the full title of a journal article.

The abstract must be submitted electronically as a Word file to blamp@truman.edu