Science Olympiad 2017 Regional Competition

Saturday, February 18, 2017
Chemistry-Organized Events
Brian Lamp, Chemistry Coordinator and Regional Director

If you are interested in helping coordinate, prepare and/or moderate an event, please contact Dr. Lamp.  You’ll have some fun!

Below is a table indicating the event titles and providing a little more information about each of the events.  Clicking on an event name will bring up a brief description of that event.  The events may be intended for either High School students (Division C), Middle/Junior High School students (Division B) or may have versions for both age groups.  In the case where both age groups participate in an event, slight differences may be necessary in the preparation of the event.  A more complete description of the rules for each event is available on the U: drive at U:\_SC Student File Area\Science Olympiad\Rules Manuals.  Science Olympiad has additional information related to each event at its website (go to and select the “B/C Events drop-down menu).  For many of the events, Dr. Lamp has materials from previous years that may speed up the preparation and will be more than happy to provide assistance and guidance to anyone willing to volunteer to coordinate or prepare an event.