2 opportunities at 10 points each -maximum 20 points


Attend chemistry seminar and give me a typewritten paragraph (or two) describing (in your own words) what the seminar was about. You can take advantage of this opportunity twice this semester for 10 points each (of course, you can attend more than two seminars!). As you listen to the seminar and write your summary, think about these questions:

What was the purpose of the research? What are the “real world” applications?
What key results did the speaker discuss?

Don’t be alarmed if you don’t understand all of the speaker’s presentation! Look for points that the speaker stresses as important (a good speaker should make these very clear). Do your best to pull these points together. Seminar speakers come here in part to recruit students, so they are interested in selling you on their projects.

In order to receive credit, you must turn in your summary no later than 1 week (7 days) after the seminar was given.


If you have class scheduled at 12:30 on Friday (typical seminar time) or for some other reason absolutely cannot attend two seminars, here is an alternative extra credit option.

As a substitute for attending a seminar, find an article in a science-related magazine or journal (for example: Science, Nature, Scientific American, etc.) that pertains to something we talked about in class. In a one page typewritten discussion, describe how this article serves to illustrate some basic concept of chemistry and how this concept is applied in the “real world”.

Turn in your one page discussion, a photocopy of the article, and a sentence or two detailing why you were unable to attend seminar. Credit will not be given without all three components. You may not turn in more than one article in a seven-day period and all articles must be turned in no later than one week (7 days) after the last seminar of the semester.

You may turn in a total of two extra credit opportunities (2 seminars, 1 seminar + 1 article, etc.) to earn a maximum of 20 points during the semester.