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Date Begun Topic
8/21 Introduction
8/26 Measurements and Concentrations
8/28 Tools of the Trade
 8/31 Experimental Errors
 9/9 Statistics and Chemical Measurements
 9/14 Working with Two Dimensional Data
 9/18 Quality Assurance
 9/23 General Equilibrium
 10/2 Systematic Equilibria
10/7 Activity (Solution to the Solubility with activities example)
Monoprotic Acid-Base Equilbrium
Polyprotic Acid-Base Equilbrium
Acid-Base Titrations (Algebra for modelling titration curves using phi)
Complexation Equilibria
Electrochemistry Fundamentals
Electrochemistry Applications Potentiometry
Separations Fundamentals























NOTE:  Some of these files have graphics from Quantitative Chemical Analysis 6th – 8th editions, by Harris.  Published by Freeman.