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Date Begun Topic
8/21 Introduction
8/26 Measurements and Concentrations
8/28 Tools of the Trade
 8/31 Experimental Errors
Statistics and Chemical Measurements
Working with Two Dimensional Data
Quality Assurance
General Equilibrium
Systematic Equilibria (solutions to last two example problems)
Activity  (Solution to the Solubility with activities example)
Monoprotic Acid-Base Equilbrium
Polyprotic Acid-Base Equilbrium
Acid-Base Titrations (Algebra for modelling titration curves using phi)
Complexation Equilibria
Electrochemistry Fundamentals
Electrochemistry Applications Potentiometry
Separations Fundamentals























NOTE:  Some of these files have graphics from Quantitative Chemical Analysis 6th – 8th editions, by Harris.  Published by Freeman.