CHEM 100 Demo Project

Demo Project Details

50 points possible


As we move through the summer, you will develop enough chemical knowledge to teach some chemistry to others.  Your assignment for this project is to work with a partner to prepare and present a chemical demonstration to the rest of the class.  These demonstrations will occur in lab on Tuesday, July 26.


Your task begins by identifying a demonstration that you would like to do.  As a starting point, I have put links to several web sites related to demonstrations on our CHEM 100 web page.  Put yourself in my shoes as I look for demos to take to schools and other off-campus locations.  In particular, look for demos appropriate for Junior High or High School classes.  Look for simplicity, dramatic effect, and safety.  Demos with everyday materials are also quite popular.  Once you have identified your demo, it must be approved by me.  Via e-mail, submit to me a brief description of your demo and the concept(s) that it illustrates, as well as a list of materials you need for your presentation.  This submission is due by 5:00 PM Thursday, July 14.  No duplicate demos will be allowed, choices will be on a first come, first served basis.  In lab July 21, you will be allowed to set up your demo and complete a practice run.


Grades will be determined based on presentation and your understanding of the demonstration.  Point breakdown will be:


Demo description submitted on-time and complete                     10 points

Demo appropriate for audience                                                      10 points

Demo executed successfully                                                           10 points

Demonstrated understanding of concepts illustrated                   20 points

Total   50 points

Links to demo websites: