0 Dr. Brian Lamp


Dr. Brian Lamp
Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
Truman State University
Kirksville, Missouri 63501

Phone:  660-785-7251
e-mail: blamp@truman.edu

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JBA 2018 Molecules Project

Below are the groups and chemists for the “Molecules That Changed the World” presentations on Friday, June 22.

Group Elements Compound
1 Al, S Morphine
2 Ca, Ti Strychnine
3 F, Mg Penicillin
4 H, Be Glyphosate
5 He, B Thalidomide
6 K, Sc Vitamin B12
7 Li, C Taxol
8 N, Ne Progestin
9 O, Na Quinine
10 P, Ar Cortisol
11 Si, Cl DDT